July 2001

Since some time I'm involved in the development of Xastir, an Open Source APRS program for X Window, that runs under Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and Mac OS X. The name Xastir stands for X Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting. On the Xastir homepage you could find the last official release (now V1.1) and the current state of the development version. Some mailing lists for discussions are available too.

A few features of Xastir

  • Connection with the Internet and several TNCs possible
  • Support of the AX.25 kernel driver
  • Logging of all data
  • Vector and pixel maps
  • Overlay of maps possible
  • Storable map views
  • Speech output for special events with sound files
  • Speech output with speech synthesis
  • Extensive display configuration

The following map formats are supported in the moment

  • Vector maps in WinAPRS format
  • Maps in GeoTIFF format (with GeoTiff library)
  • Pixel maps as xpm file
  • American county maps for weather alerts
  • Graphics file in 68 different formats, e.g. gif (with ImageMagick)
  • Shape files
If you want to use pixel maps from UIView, you can create the neccesary .geo files with the Perl script inf2geo.pl from WE7U. Call it with
inf2geo.pl < mapxyz.inf > mapxyz.geo
This script can be found in the scripts directory of the Xastir sources.

I have created a vector map for Berlin/Brandenburg, if you are interested have a look on my Maps page.

Document Revision:   23 Jul 2007
(c) 2007 Rolf Bleher
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